Hosted Channels

As I try to make my way into the world of Twitch streaming and content creation, I’ve met some great content creators and made amazing friends. Here are just a few of them, and as appreciation, you’ll see them hosted on my Twitch channel whenever I’m not live.


King_Nido17 is a great friend and fellow Poketuber/PokeStreamer. He loves DragonBall and Pokemon so you’ll always find great content regarding those two franchises. Little factoid, he’s military. Awesome right?

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photo (1)Rocktilleri

If you know King_Nido17 you probably know Rocktilleri as well. He’s a great content creator as well, a huge Pokemon & Nintendo fan, youtube/streamer. Guess I’ll give you another factoid, he’s a musician.

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Your first wildcard hosted channel. Ferbot is a good friend of mine who primarily streams, you guessed it FPS games like Call of Duty. Although, as of late he’s really into the Battle Royale genre. Two factoid’s, he’s military & Puerto Rican.

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Sloth redSlowSpeedRun

You probably already know the man. You’ve probably seen one of his videos as recommended. The great Nintendo/Pokemon content creator is also hosted on my channel and he’s slowly making his way to streaming. Factoid, he’s slow, duh.

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