42853821_2099926850025697_6930052761434193920_oWhat’s up guys/gals! My name’s Paul, but y’all know me by CurseShooter or just Curse. I’m a 24 year old Army Veteran who served in the U.S. Army, 4th degree Black Belt and Finance major. I’m married to my beautiful wife, have a 1yr old son and a daughter due February 2019.


I joined the United States Army as a Nodal Network Systems Operator/Maintainer, while holding a SECRET Clearance. I served a tour to South Korea for which I was awarded an Army Achievement Medal for support in multiple joint exercises and maintaining network communications for the peninsula for 99% of all the field exercises combined. Served in three separate duty stations state-side and was awarded various merits and awards.

Sadly, I suffered an injury to my lower back during my tour in Korea, which caused me to be medically retired after various treatments. This has directly impacted my way of living and the dream I had of running my very own martial arts studio.

Martial Arts


I began martial arts at the age of 3. My father had done it his whole life and I was quickly

following his footsteps. I achieved my Black Belt at the age of 10, and by 13 I was teaching kids, teenagers and even adults. I managed two different sister schools at the age of 18 and hosted the IKA GRAND International Tournament. A tournament that brought 10 countries to Puerto Rico along side World Champion Martial Artists like Matt Emig, known for his stunts in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Disney’s: Kickin’ It! & Black Panther (2018) & his team of world champions. Despite my injury I hope to one day be rehabilitated and open up my very own martial arts studio to achieve even greater things.

The CurseShooter Handle (’09-’18)

I created the handle “CurseShooter” back in 2009 when I was growing tired of my old “CurseSasuke55” PSN name and couldn’t change it. After that I started using “CurseShooter” for everything.

I’ve made countless types of YouTube videos in the past and have always wiped them out (deleted them) and tried “re-branding” the channel multiple times. I’ve gone from editing AMV’s, one of my more popular ones, my “GOKU-TRIBUTE” managed to gather around 50K views before I deleted it in an attempt to upload gaming videos. You can check out the re-uploaded version by a different user here.

Basically during the time period of 2009-2018, I’ve just been doing whatever comes to mind with “CurseShooter”, which is why I want to change that in 2019.

The CurseShooter Brand (’19-Present)

CurseShooter logo wStrokeNow that I have transitioned out of the military and am going back to college to finish up my major in Finance, I’ve decided to make CurseShooter my own personal brand and will continue to evolve it. Now hear me out, I won’t be going in crazy or blindly. Instead, I’ll slowly develop what I believe will be a different, unique and most importantly, most comfortable place to watch and play video games together. Focusing for now, on Pokemon.

Yes, starting in January 2019 I want to focus entirely on Pokemon. However, I can’t start off full-time right off the bat because, who’d pay my bills? Or take care of my kids? So instead, I’ll be making this my very own second job. So I’ll be managing a schedule around college and my job in order to make streaming my second job. Although it will be very tough, I know you guys will provide the moral support I need in tough times, just like you all did while I was serving overseas.

So, on Twitch.tv/CurseShooter I will be playing Pokemon and bring Pokemon related content to the channel. On Youtube.com/CurseShooter  I will be bringing stream highlights and what I can hopefully call different Pokemon content. All while at the same time staying true to myself and remembering where I come from by helping out my friends. Either linking to their channels or collaborating.

As of right now I’m NOT a full-time streamer. I strive to one day become a full-time streamer and hope I can be very interactive with all the viewers, so make sure to stop by Twitter follow and shoot me a hello.