Nintendo’s Online SUCKS, Here’s How to Fix It

E-Shop & Retro Game Experience:

Despite the newest update, the one that introduces the Switch Online system the E-Shop went practically intact and the Retro Game Experience specifically online is a lag-fest. Retro NES games lagging when you play 100 players at a time on Fortnite.


So, how does Nintendo fix it?

User Friendly E-Shop

This one is pretty simple. Make the E-Shop easier to navigate and find new games. Playstation kind of does this by introducing a “For You” section catered to the types of games you play or have recently played. The E-Shop right now makes it very easy for you to miss any interesting game if it’s not recently released or most popular at the time of you visiting the shop.

Stop Lag on Retro Games

Usually we’d be looking at people’s internet here, however you cannot justify lag on the user end when both users playing the game together are on the same network. There is also no reason why games that demand so little processing power should cause so much lag regardless. Paying for an online system should include the whole network, system and matchmaking components are worked on.

Mobile App:

This is probably by far the biggest problem I have with Nintendo’s Online service. Its mobile app is supposed the be the ‘go-to’ second screen support/voice chat room type app to make things simpler, yet somehow it does the exact opposite.

The app does absolutely nothing aside from support for Splatoon 2. You’re supposed to be able to use the app in order to chat with friends, however I find it hard to believe the be the only way to have any sort of party chat audio when games like Fortnite, don’t require the apps use in order to chat with players. As long as you’re in the same party, you can chat. At least in Fortnite.

So did Nintendo’s new Online Subscription service address this? No. Game like Pokken, Arms, Mario Tennis Aces, Minecraft, Mario Kart 8 and even Rocket League could’ve been added to the app as supported software titles with extra features and party chat options, but nothing has changed. The mobile app might as well be an empty game case because there’s absolutely nothing in it. Playstation and Microsoft both have apps for their systems and although many may consider apps for those useless, you haven’t seen a useless app until you open up Nintendo’s, because at least you can message people, see updates, checkout what your friends are up to and a few other things in those apps.

UPDATE: The mobile app went through a small update that introduced the crossed out games as supported software titles.


So, how does Nintendo fix it?

Software Support

Simple. Just update your terms to publishers/developers mandating that games releasing from a certain period on have to in some way support the mobile app. If not mandatory for third parties at least force first party titles and then encourage third parties by giving them some incentive in some form. That way the app gains support from the vast library of games that is already growing rapidly on Switch.

News Channels

Just how when you turn your Switch on and you get these notifications of upcoming titles and updates on games you don’t care about. Have channels featured on the app for easy access and allowing us to scroll through all the Switch related gaming news we care about while we’re on a loading screen. At least we’d have some engagement with the app.

Text Chats

Aside from that, add more features. Character limited text chats would be a nice one. Throw a content filter in there and make characters limited to maybe 100 characters per text or less. At least some form of secondary communication enabled from the app. At least make the app have some sort of reason to download and have on your phone. Especially considering the future when you’ll find yourself trying to fill a Pokedex online, and are stuck with in-game emoji’s trying to tell your trade partner you want a Sawk to fill your Pokedex.


I’m going to be a little bit selfish on this one, but I need achievements for the Switch. I need a reason to play a lot of the titles I own and have only played for 30-45min of. I need a sense of accomplishment that I can show off to my life less friends list. I call them life less because aside from their avatars, they have nothing to show off. So, with the addition to achievements or leaderboards players can compare their stats with their friends even on the god while utilizing the app.

These would be the first four additions to make the mobile app a little bit more lively. Giving it a reason to be taking up space on your phone and actually having meaning.

Friends List & User Profile:

So, we have a Nintendo system with online. A paid online now. Yet, we’re still using friend codes and still cannot have a somewhat customized profile for others (even if it’s just our friends) to see. Sure you can justify $19.99/yr any way you want, but not being able to customize your user profile or have an actual friends list better than what we currently have? Crazy in 2018, if you ask me.


So, how does Nintendo fix it?

Overhaul User Profiles:

We need more customization options, whether it be biographies, top 4 in-game screenshots, favorite/most played games and owned Nintendo Systems or something. A profile that Nintendo players can feel pride in when others visit.

Overhaul Friends List UI:

Just like the User Profiles, the friends list should be updated as well to a more interactive experience. Allow more options to join/invite players in the list. Make it prettier to look at and maybe even allow users to browse through their shared picture gallery.

Again, these are just the initial changes Nintendo needs to make in order for them to catch up to 2018 standards in terms of essential online features. Half of these, if not all have been around since at least the early 2010’s.

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