Why Let’s Go WON’T Be Your Favorite Pokémon Games

We Should All Manage Our Expectations

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee releases on November 16th and although we’re only 60 days away from their release, the hype for these upcoming main series games is nothing compared to previous entries of the series. Today we’re going to go on a little discussion on why you should manage your expectations for these upcoming games and what you should actually be excited for.


First thing is first. This game is not the console experience Pokémon game you are probably expecting. This game in fact has been in development less time than the upcoming Generation 8 Pokémon game which is set to release late 2019. This leads to the speculation that Nintendo specifically wanted to push for a console focused entry to the series in order to reach projected sales numbers for its new hardware. This can also be seen in the recycling of assets utilized in the Let’s Go games. From models being touched up on to look HD from their previous either 3DS models or mobile models (yes, we’re referencing Pokémon GO models), to even the walking/following animations of Pokémon which can directly be found in the files within Pokémon Sun/Moon, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.


With that, we’re not saying all assets in this game are recycled because that’s not true, however the vast majority of them are, and that will cut development time exponentially. Now that, that is out of the way think about the upcoming game. No, not let’s go. The Gen 8 one. That game will have everything you’re probably expecting. New from scratch HD models, vastly improved overworld, in-depth online system, all (possibly) over 900+ Pokémon, new features, innovative gameplay mechanics, and so on. Now when you put that into though and remember that Let’s Go’s development might as well be a push from Nintendo and not GAMEFREAK to set a game that can sell systems it’s clear that what we’re actually getting is another entry to Gen 7 which means we won’t be getting that many innovative changes in these upcoming games. We might not even get any changes. So just a reminder for future arguments. This is NOT the definition of what Pokémon will look like on console.


Yes, you read that right and I’ll explain. The VGC scene for 2019 will still be utilizing Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon as their titles. Obviously allowing options for players in the competitive scene and whether or not Let’s Go features abilities/held items play the major factor in these decisions, plus the fact that one of the main reasons for Let’s Go’s release is to sell Switches it makes sense that Pokémon want to keep running with Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, they maximize participants and with Let’s Go they continue to sell consoles for the inevitable Switch in 2020.


With that being said it’s clear that we should take these next two games as what Nintendo and GAMEFREAK have been trying to market this whole time. A bridge game between the Casual Pokémon fan and the Hardcore Pokémon fan. The only problem is for those that were building their own bridge, and by that, I mean the semi-hardcore fans or those on the fence about continuing with the series.


What I mean by that is that this title and the year is more like a take a breath year for Pokémon. A breath right before they make a big move that just might alienate more fans with their 2019 title. With that being said we should take Pokémon Let’s Go as what it is. A bridge game that seeks to introduce the casual fan to the hardcore fan, a game to unite families that go out on walks playing Pokémon GO, the potential system seller for a lot of casual fans and the set-up game to keep more hardcore players purchasing the system and preparing for the inevitable release of the next generation of Pokémon. Possibly the biggest generation Pokémon has had since Generation 3. This is a year to have fun and a year to take a breath.


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