CurseShooter’s Game Review Evaluation

How will the scoring work?

With the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 exclusive releasing next week, and it being the first game I plan on reviewing on the site, I decided to write out exactly how games will be evaluated for review. Please note, video games as of right now are just a hobby of mine, and all play time I have is strictly on spare time. With that said, I will be somewhat strict when evaluating games with using the standards below. If a game is fun and hooks me into it, I’ll be sure to state that when I write my reviews.

I plan to have a video review of every written review on this site over on the channel. So, the way I write the reviews will more or so be a script of sorts for the video version of the review. Now let’s get down to how I’ll be evaluating these games.

CONTENT: I will NOT review a game that I haven’t rolled credits on. That means I’ll be playing every game I review at least to its credits. That means if the game has post game content, for sake of timing of the review I might just mention it if I haven’t gotten to it. However, the “content” portion of the reviews will cover everything from “vanilla” content on-disc, bonus modes, multiplayer & even DLC plans. This will also be where I mention how long it took me to complete the game and more so, how many hours you can expect to play before rolling your own credits. I will give the “content” portion no more than 3 points. The point system will work as follows:

  • 0 points = Very short, campaign only titles. Lack of DLC, bonus modes, etc. Barely enough.
  • 1 point = Some content, similar to just a campaign and nothing else. Little to no bonus modes, DLC, etc.
  • 2 points = Decent amount of content, potential DLC plans, bonus modes, etc.
  • 3 points = Great amount of content, potential DLC plans, bonus modes, etc. Great length.

GAMEPLAY: In this section we will cover everything that makes the game fun and replay able. Gameplay mechanics, glitches, fun gimmicks, everything and anything that needs to be noted. This section will cover the majority of the points in terms of review score. The point system for “gameplay” will work as follows:

  • 0 points = Not playable. Too many glitches, broken/incomplete game.
  • 1 point = Not fun to play, very buggy, constant issues.
  • 2 points = Ok to play. Some mechanics are very hit or miss. Could’ve used more time to develop.
  • 3 points = Decent gameplay. Very minor bugs/glitches.
  • 4 points = Good. Fluid movement/mechanics, fun to play and very dynamic.
  • 5 points = Great. Very fun to play. Outstanding mechanics and overall gameplay.

GRAPHICS/AUDIO: This is probably a big one for many of you, however it really isn’t a game breaker in my opinion. Here we’ll evaluate everything from the 4K HDR enabled 60FPS visuals you’d expect *rolls eyes* to the still very acceptable 1080p 30FPS. We’ll also cover UI, menus and accessibility to a certain extent since that won’t have its own section for review. We’ll also discuss the audio here, whether the game was dubbed and if the animations and audio are properly synced. If audio was as expected for the game being reviewed, etc. The “graphics/audio” section will consist of 3 points.

  • 0 points = Horrible visuals & audio. Pretty much unplay-able.
  • 1 point = Graphics were struggling, frame rate was very choppy. Audio wasn’t the best. Noticeable issues.
  • 2 points = Graphics and audio were ok for the most part. Could’ve done better.
  • 3 points = Great audio and graphics. No complaints and for the most part no issues.

X-FACTOR: The x-factor is a unique section of the review I wanted to implement where it quite literally is the wild card of the review. Games now-a-days have unique things that make them special and this is where the “x-factor” section will come to play. Whether it be the “hook” that drags you into the game or something that’s never been done before, this is where that part of the review will go. It will consist of 2 points.

  • 0 points = Nothing new.
  • 1 point = Bold new direction or slight appeal/hook to drag you in.
  • 2 points = Great hook. Great new ideas and innovative direction.

Like/Dislike: This will be plain and simple if I liked the game or not. It will consist of 2 points as follows.

  • 0 points = Did not enjoy.
  • 1 point = It’s ok.
  • 2 points = Loved it.

This is for the most part how I plan to evaluate the games I play. I’ll allow the first 5-10 reviews to utilize this system. If anything should need to be worked on I’ll come back and edit the evaluation system. Once all the sections are scored the points will be calculated the following way: [Game’s Total Points / 15 = Game % Score]

Now in my final score I’ll be awarding “Medals” instead of stars. And it’ll work the following way.

  • 5/5 Medals = 100% – 95%
  • 4/5 Medals = 94% – 80%
  • 3/5 Medals = 79% – 70%
  • 2/5 Medals = 69% – 50%
  • 1/5 Medals = 49% – 30%
  • 0/5 Medals = 29% – 0


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