Video Games vs Violence and Shootings

Let’s stop the false argument the video games or guns are the cause to mass shootings or violence.

The following is an opinionated blog post in direct response to the most recent shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. My personal thoughts and prayers go to the victims’ families.

Every single time we find ourselves with tragic news (primarily in the U.S. in recent years) in regards to another mass shooting or a violent act, the general media reports it and as they discuss the reasoning we always arrive at the same argument points. Violent video games are the cause of said aggression or act. This leads me to ask the following question. Why must we always try to shift blame and point fingers in order to make things “make sense”. Have we ever considered that maybe all of the horrible acts were committed by people whom had sever mental health issues? Why are we so quick to determine either violent video games of the weapons themselves are the cause?

Before I continue I must point out that I by no means agree with how simple it is to acquire weapons in some occasions. At the same time I do understand how the process goes about and I also understand how the right of every American may be affected with certain “changes”. This opinionated discussion piece is by no means a “we should removes guns” post. Not at all. It also isn’t a make guns harder to acquire, but if not a let’s reflect on what we can actually do with an open mind to avoid this from ever happening again. Try to make it as difficult as possible for it to happen to our kids, our friends or our families.

As we can see there will always be two sides to these types of arguments, and though most of you “gamers” might agree with the video I’ll embed below from Tech Insider towards the end they blame it on how easy it is to acquire guns in the United States. The biggest problem we have with any argument and trying to find a solution or middle ground is just that, having an open-mind.

So, the main thing I want this blog post to do if anything is not to pick a side on whether or not video games cause mass shootings or make people more violent, because they don’t. It has not been officially linked together at all. If not just to create a sense of reflection for everyone that reads this and just thinks to themselves how could we be better. I myself cannot find an answer that is the perfect middle ground between those gun lovers and those opposed to guns. However, there must be one because not just one side of the argument lives in the country. We must be able to accept one another and understand one another. Different thoughts, opinions and cultures are what make this country what it is. So we should be better and start finding a solution that fits both sides of the argument, however blatantly blaming it on video games is absurd.

Personally I play video games as a way to cope with my anxiety. Having been part of the U.S. military I have plenty of anxiety issues and everyone copes with it differently. Some people use tobacco, some alcohol, sports, books, others cars, for me it’s video games. It is a way to relax and distract myself from stress that may be work or just life related. Everything in  excess is bad for you, even video games but as I’ve said countless times again, blatantly and blindly blaming video games for this is wrong and we should work together to actually find out what the problem is. Is it mental conditions? Is it something else? We have to find out.

I’ll close with this. To all those that have been directly affected by either violence, mass shootings or being called out for playing too much video games. We’ll find a way to get through all of this, together. We as a video game community must stick together and find a solution that is great for both sides. Even if that means conducting more in-depth studies to see if video games are actually directly related to violence, and if so, accept it. Until then however, we must stick together and show off what makes this community so great and understanding. Help someone you don’t know today, make a difference, gain a level, build your in real life EXP by being nice to one another.

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