Spider-Man Game Length Revealed & CS Coverage Detailed

Alright web-heads! We’re almost a week out until the release of the highly anticipated Spider-Man title from the folks over at Insomniac. Today we just got a bit of information as to just how long it may take some players to complete the game’s story. I’ll also be explaining what I plan on covering for this game.

Starting off with the game length. In a reply James Stevenson confirmed that on average and on default difficulty play testers took around 20 hours to complete the game. You can find the tweet below.

20 hours without tackling side quests or activities sound prefect to me, especially with all the other upcoming titles that will be rolling out in the coming weeks kicking off holiday season.

In regards to coverage. I will be playing Spider-Man day one and hope to have it be the first game I review on the site. I will try to make my first ever written review of a video game for the site with this title and then hopefully transfer that review into video format to upload on the channel. I may also live stream at certain times to just show off the game itself although I don’t plan on utilizing green screen or facecam when I engage en the live streams.

Spider-Man launches September 7th, 2018 exclusively on PS4.

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