5 Port/Remaster Games Nintendo Switch Needs NOW

The Nintendo Switch has been doing far greater than it’s predecessor the Wii U. Currently aiming for 20 million units sold, a number the Wii U only dreamed to come close to considering the potential it had at that time. However, because of the lack of install base and the clutter of releases between the 3DS, Wii U and the current generation of consoles and limitations on Nintendo’s iteration. There are some games Nintendo gamers didn’t get a chance to play or straight up might’ve missed. So, here’s my list to the top 5 port/remasters that need to release on the Switch right now (in no particular order).

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon RemasterSI_3DS_PokemonSuperMysteryDungeon_enGB_image1600w.jpg

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon started off on the Gameboy Advanced/Nintendo DS and has been quite a successful spin-off (yes, this one actually is a spin-off). With randomly generated dungeons and tons of Pokemon to add to your team Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon would be a great addition to the Nintendo Switch’s selection of titles and should provide countless hours of gameplay and quite a bit of replay-ability. Just imagine the streams of this game going up on Twitch. There’s no doubt that a remaster of this game would greatly benefit the Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Remaster


I’ll put this straight forward to everyone. I have yet to play through this game and it’s the primary reason it’s on this list. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released at a weird time. It was towards the end of the Wii’s life-cycle the PS3 & Xbox 360 where striving with online gaming and the Wii U was released some what close to this game and didn’t get a re-release for it because it really wasn’t a thing at the time. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of others like myself that haven’t played through this Legend of Zelda game and that’s honestly why it’s on this list. Because of the fanbase The Legend of Zelda has, there shouldn’t be any reason why this game wouldn’t be successful.



Diablo III. Check. Paladins. Check. Warframe. Check. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Check. See what we’re doing here? Overwatch needs little to no convincing on why it needs a Nintendo Switch port but if you do need one. I’ll give you this one. Fortnite. Check. The Nintendo Switch is quickly building up games that have a huge online community and are played non-stop by fans and with upcoming games like Pokemon & Super Smash Bros. the online eco system for the Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be the best one for a Nintendo Console ever! Hey Overwatch! Catch ya on the Switch soon!

Rainbow Six: Siege


This one might be a harder one to pull off, but if it is, that’s it. I’ll name the Nintendo Switch Nintendo’s best console. The selection of games with great online play is already growing at a rapid rate and with an eSports titan like Rainbow Six: Siege being ported on the Switch? Whew. Don’t expect this to be the prettiest iteration of the game by any means but definitely expect to be able to have a vast amount of fun anywhere you are. Which is the greatest thing about Nintendo’s console. Portability.

Super Mario Maker: Switch Edition


Finishing off the list we have nothing other than a Mario game. Not just any. Probably the Mario game the Nintendo Switch deserves. Imagine creating your own level wherever you are. On-the-go, on your couch, on the toilet, at detention, err… scratch that last one. You get the picture. This game could be the best of both worlds, online for upload/download of levels without actually having to play with others. Super Mario Maker is a must for the Switch and I’ll be surprised if by this time next year we don’t hear anything about this or a sequel coming to Switch.



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