Open Update: Channel, Content & Overall Goals

Greetings! I hope all is well with everyone reading this. As of right now you’ve probably noticed slower uploads on the channel and slower interactions from my part on social media. I’ll get straight down to the point.


I started YouTube a long time ago. My “CurseShooter” channel has been up since 2009. At first it was a place where I only uploaded AMV’s which never really kicked off. At one point I decided to re-launch it into a Pokemon focused channel where I uploaded Let’s Plays and discussions while always giving back to the community. I found myself with a few “one hit wonders” I had a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake discussion video reach 50,000+ views and a totally different Pokemon discussion video reach 20,000 views more or less, before I though I wanted to re-launch again into a gaming overall channel.

In my gaming focused iteration of my channel I found absolutely no success (it’s a really hard wall). Also at the time I was transitioning from College to enlisting in the United States Army knowing time would be limited I made an AMV before shipping. Said AMV reached well over 70,000 views (realized after I finished Basic Training) however, I accidentally deleted said video. It has been re-uploaded by an unknown person here it’s currently sitting at around 17,000 views. Since that was deleted I decided to re-start the channel only this time not deleting anything. This at the beginning had the channel all over the place.

This “restart” took place around November 2017. Since I was going to attend the Playstation Experience 2017 I decided it’d be pretty great if I uploaded gaming related content in regards to that. Slowly I decided to consistently upload on the channel and slowly gained feedback from subscribers that they enjoyed my Pokemon content. Having said that I slowly re-introduced the Pokemon content into the channel and it is currently the primary content on the channel. Having said that here’s the reason of the open update.


I currently find myself transitioning out of the military which is very much time consuming with everything that needs to be done as well as a potential cross country move. I’ll also be finishing up my degree in college and to put a cherry on top my wife and I are expecting our second child.

This by no means is me saying that I’ll be stepping away from the channel or anything of the sorts. It’s kind of the exact opposite. I’m trying to create this open update to have anyone interested keep up to date with what’s happening and continue to expect content. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do with the channel and I will go over them before I reach the end of this post.

You guys will soon be seeing me collaborating with some outstanding Poketubers so by no way am I “leaving” or anything of the sorts. I’m trying to actually provide more quality content by slowing down the upload rate I was going with which was causing lackluster uploads and sometimes my tone would sound a bit down or tiresome which no one wants to hear.

What to Expect:

Now that we’re somewhat caught up with what’ll be going on in the next couple of months (will probably be done with transition by March 2019). Here’s what to expect from the channel.

  • Collaborations: I’ll be collaborating with other Poketubers and Youtubers in general whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whether the video be uploaded on our channel or their’s it won’t matter I’ll keep you guys updated.
  • High-Speed Gaming: This is a huge thing for me. This will be where I focus on gaming content. It’ll be a sort of “podcast” type thing. I already have a few videos uploaded under “High-Speed Gaming” however I’ll be taking a higher quality and real podcast type approach to it in the future.
  • Pokemon Discussions: This is what you guys like the best of the channel. We will continue to discuss Pokemon through out countdowns and whenever topics come up.
  • Let’s Plays LIVE: So, seeing as I don’t have the amount of time necessary to capture, edit and then upload the Let’s Plays I feel like the best alternate will be to just play games live whenever I do. I have planned to play Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu! for 24 hours once it releases so there’s that to look forward to.

Now this is what the channel will mainly focus on. It’ll primarily be the middle two bullets with occasional 4th bullet and that first bullet being on and off.

So, that’s it for now but thank you guys so much for the support! Until the next update, my name’s CurseShooter… PEACE!

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