Expect Pokémon 2019 to be a Game Changer

Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! will be releasing this coming November, but there is one game the more “hardcore” fans are anticipating even more than GamFreak’s first “core” title on a home console. That game is the unannounced Pokémon 2019 title. So, let’s start a discussion of what exactly we should expect in regards to this upcoming title and what we already know.

Pokémon 2019 Has Been In Development Longer Than LGPE:

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Well… maybe. Based off what we know more or less we know GameFreak has been hard at work on a Pokémon title since the ‘NX’ dev kits were going around. That would mean the game has been in development since around 2014-ish. Meanwhile throughout interviews and other means we’ve discovered the upcoming Let’s Go games have only been in development for two years. Which would’ve mean that the original 2014 developed game was either scrapped or saved for the future at the reveal of the Let’s Go games we learned that there was in fact another game being developed. This game being the bigger focus for “hardcore” fans thus leading us to believe it is both the 2014 developed game and the next generation of Pokémon. Mainly because of how timing fits perfectly.


Pokémon Let’s Go is Pretty Much a Recycled Game:

By no means do I personally mean these upcoming games will be bad, or that they were a lackluster attempt to throw out a game for consumers in order to increase Nintendo Switch console sales. Instead the assets utilized in the game do not seem to be new “built from scratch” assets as we’ve come to see every time GameFreak moves to a new console. The overall character models look like assets from ORAS/SUMO just slighty tweaked and adjusted to utilize the Nintendo Switch’s power in comparison to what was available during the 3DS era of Pokémon. The Pokémon models for this game are quite literally found in the files for SUMO/USUM and the in battle Pokémon models that aren’t found in SUMO/USUM can be found in your mobile Pokémon GO game. In battle animations for Pokémon in the Let’s Go games seems really static in fact the over world animations for the characters look great however when these characters turn around in place is very reminiscent of ORAS models. So the fact that the biggest assets of this game (that we know of) are pretty much character models it’s safe to say this is definitely exactly what it is in a sense. A bridge game. A game between the casual players and the hardcore players.

Walking Sprites

What Does That Mean for Pokémon 2019?:

Pretty much nothing but great things. If GameFreak is utilizing recycled assets and it isn’t just an assumption (of course the recycled assets still need to be tweaked and modified) it’s safe to say the 2019 Pokémon game will be innovative and much better than what we’ll be getting come this November. Speculation is that these next games will be the start of Generation 8 with it brand new Pokémon that need new models, potential for previous Pokémon to receive new forms or variants and who knows what else? They can do anything considering it’s a brand new generation.

However, we’re not entirely without idea of what features may or may not be coming in the 2019 games. GameFreak tends to usually sneak hints in previous games. We might already have some in USUM and potentially find more in LGPE! One thing we do have is rumors. We have plenty. Although “rumor season” isn’t as strong as it was during April/May we did have two solid, but totally different rumors going around. One was discussing remakes (LGPE) and another was discussing a totally different approach and one that would’ve been controversial. GameFreak always loves to tie things together and although I won’t dig into the latter rumor I personally have a feeling it may be partially true. If that’s the case Pokémon 2019 will be a Game Changer!



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