New ‘HEIST’ Game Mode Announced for COD: Black Ops 4!

There was recently a new game mode announced for COD: Black Ops 4 that will be playable during weekend 2 of the BO4 Beta starting Friday August 10th at 10am PST. This during an official LiveStream on Twitch from developer Treyarch.

The new game mode called “Heist” has two teams grabbing a cash bag and reaching the extraction point in order to win. Players will only have one life during each round kind of like Search and Destroy with the difference that you will reach a downed state before being killed. Think how Rainbow Six: Siege works. Your teammates will be able to revive you before you are completely out of the round.

There is no Create-A-Class in Heist. Instead the money you earn in game can be used to purchase weapons and other equipment to utilize within the match. You will still be able to level and progress through the game mode as you normally would.

Heist will be playable during the weekend 2 of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Private Beta.


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