TemTem Coming to PS4, Xbone, Switch & PC!

What started as just a humble project on Kickstarter has now evolved into a massive backing to what may just be the closest thing non-Nintendo players may get to a Pokémon experience. TemTem being developed by Crema has been crushing goals left and right on their kickstarter page and has gained a huge following, thus allowing the project to even extend release to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch not just the initial Steam release.

There are many things about TemTem that attract players. In particular fans of the highly popular Pokémon series which this game seems to be inspired from. However, huge differences between these games are seen almost instantly. All “temtem” are uniquely created by the developers (aside from fan submitted ones), the game is an online-only experience catering to an MMO styled target audience and so much more which an be found on the Kickstarter projects official page.

At the time of writing TemTem is currently sitting at over $400,000 pledged of the initial $70,000 with over 8,000 backers. Along with some high-profile “poketuber” backing from the liked of “aDrive” & “shadypenguin” to name a few.

An alpha is targeted to release at some point towards the end of 2018 for certain tier backers and with only 3 days left in the campaign, it is now or never to secure a spot on it. Should all go smoothly in development TemTem is looking for a final release by 2020 digitally on all mentioned consoles.

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