Pokémon GO! FRIENDS & TRADING Coming This Summer!

After many have either dropped the game or given up hope Niantic has finally announced that TRADING will be coming to Pokémon GO sometime this summer as well as a FRIENDS feature.

aok0udfu5uu2ydnuh1r8Let’s get into the details. Trading will work locally. Specifically, within 100 meters of another player. “We needed to take into account how to introduce trading into this game where exploration and exploring new places is core to the game balance. We didn’t want to mess with that,” said Pokémon GO developer Kristen Koa. Here’s how Niantic describes trading in their press release:

Trainers will earn the Candy of the Pokémon received in trading, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon traded were caught in locations far apart from each other. The Friendship level between players trading Pokémon will provide unique bonuses including Stardust discounts. Higher Friendship levels between Trainers will unlock the Special Trades option, which includes the ability to trade certain Pokémon, such as regional Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon, and add new Pokémon to their Pokédexes. Trainers who require parental approval and registration through the Pokémon Trainer Club to play Pokemon GO will be unable to trade with other Trainers in the game.

zf0njojucf3gfxlgbfn3Niantic also put out that Pokémon Go will get a “friends” feature. This will grant players bonuses the more they play together. Friends can only be added by using each other’s “trainer codes,” something similar to friend codes for any other Nintendo system. After adding a friend, you will receive bonuses like Stardust discounts and special Pokémon trading.

The FRIENDS feature should be dropping sometime this week, while the TRADING should be coming sometime this summer.

Smell ya later trainers!

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