Welcome to CurseShooter.com!

CurseShooter AvatarNow this is something else. When I started posting my gaming content I didn’t imagine I’d be creating my very own site. I am beyond excited to have this site and constantly update it. Now I want to shift focus from my excitement to exactly why and what this site is about.

This site will work as a sort of personal blog/gaming site for well, CurseShooter. I will primarily focus blog posts around the following:

  • Video Projects at YouTube
  • Video Game Reviews (work in progress series incoming)
  • Video Game Experiences
  • Collaboration Projects
  • Gaming Opinions/Business Ideas

I feel like most of the Blog posts might be a nice read here and there for you guys whenever you’re bored or just want something somewhat entertaining to read. I am by no means a writer but I definitely enjoy talking as you could all tell. So hopefully this little site project is just a fun thing I can continue to use to provide even more gaming content to you all.

Make sure to add me on all platforms if you ever want to game with me or if you want to follow me on social media:

Thank you all for the outstanding support on everything I put out. I hope to see you guys around the site, playing games or whatever. Peace!

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